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Keylontic Science Related Independent Research


 My name is Greg Delapaix, I am in the Fine Arts Doctoral program here at Tech, and I anticipate the coming Fall as being my last semester for coursework here, after which I will return to Oregon to research and write my dissertation. 

I am looking for faculty members here who are teaching coursework which intersects on some level with my dissertation topic, which is a visual (and musical) culture study of a branch of metaphysics called Keylontic Science.

This topic deals with a multidimensional universe and the manipulation of energies within these dimensional structures, along with other topics such as relationships between sound and light, ancient and pre-ancient histories involving interactions with numerous off-world races, and an egalitarian system of conscious living principles.

Feel free to let me know if you wish more information on the subject of Keylontic Science. There are communities emerging around the world who are working with these principles in various contexts including creative fields such as visual art and music.

Possible independent research topics include visual cultures of various paranormal subjects, such as the human subtle energy body in relation to out of body projections, shamanism, other comparative religions, etc, the use of visual symbols as encryption codes in contemporary culture and corollaries in ancient cultures, sacred symbols, sacred geometries and crystal structures in relation to sound, music, visual symbols, etc.

I am also interested in reconciliations between diametrically opposed thought systems such as transhumanism and ascension mechanics, cyborg culture vs. goddess culture, comparative religions in relation to metaphysics and the paranormal, etc. Certain aspects of science such as quantum and multidimensional models might also be useful. My topic may also intersect various disciplines including Sociology, Anthropology, Ancient History and ‘Human Sciences,’ Comparative Literature, Urban and/or Ethnic Studies, and Music.

Because no one has yet written about Keylontic Science on an academic level, I will be drawing on many disciplines besides the material published by those intimate with Keylontic Science over the last ten to fifteen years. This essentially means that I’m developing a cultural study entailing searches for overlaps and departures between various thought systems and Keylontic Science.

I would be interested to read/hear any of your thoughts about these ideas and how any of them might intersect with coursework you will be involved with in the Fall, or ideas you may have regarding the possibility of independent research related to your areas of expertise, or areas of research your colleagues may be involved with. 

Thank You!


Greg Delapaix