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Brief Outline of My PhD Focus as of March 2013

Greg Delapaix

Brief outline of PhD research/dissertation direction and concentration

March 2, 2013

The direction I am going with my PhD research and dissertation is a cultural study centered on tenets of Keylontic Science in relation to contemporary culture.

A brief description of Keylontic science is as follows: 

  • A fifteen dimensional unified field physics, encompassing morphogenetic (matter template) science and primary creation mechanics.
  • Advanced Merkaba-Kundalini-DNA Bio-regenesis ascension mechanics and Kathara core template healing, encompassing multi-dimensional manipulations of human and planetary relational energies.
  • Planetary and universal templar star-gate mechanics along with books of maps and keys, pre-ancient history, founders races, and angelic race evolutions.
  • Higher sensory perceptions and out of body travel, Melchizedek Cloister Law of One Spiritual Studies.

A brief description of background information on Keylontic science includes:

-The following five points are quoted from a Web site devoted to the original language of the CDT plates, the Anuhazi language, a pre-cursor to Sanskrit []

• “The CDT-plates are part of a larger apparatus that includes 12 corresponding, larger silver discs called the Signet Shields.”

  • “The Maharata, an ancient Sacred Text translation of the Founders Races CDT-plates from 246,000 BC, which originally contained 590 volumes, and over 500,000 pages, of non-dogmatic, egalitarian, Sacred Spiritual Science Teachings covering every aspect of mastering personal and cosmic reality.”
  • “Other translations of ancient times were dispensed through Speakers born into Hindu, Chinese, Tibetan, African, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan and Celtic-druidic Grail Lines.”
  • “Before intentional editing and distortion at the hand of Fallen Angelics and corrupt human power elite, the teachings of every traditional religious belief system on Earth, from Christianity to Buddhism and Indigenous Tribal Oral Tradition, originally emerged from re-translations of the Maharata Texts and CDT-plates.”
  • “Cloister Dora-Teura (CDT) Plates:

A series of 12 Pre-atlantian Holographic Disk Records form 246,000 BC. They are small pale silver physical disk that contains massive tomes of practical physical and spiritual evolutionary advancement (Sacred Spiritual Science) teachings that are translated by 3 Speakers.”

In practical terms of apprehension, KS involves a multi-dimensional interweaving of consciousness and energy within highly structured systems of knowledge. The esoteric features of KS listed above notwithstanding, there are numerous channels available for its application, just as there exist growing numbers of people around the world engaged with it in practical terms. In terms of new knowledge, a study of this kind may well be the first within academic channels, just as there are many resources (both academic and otherwise) which lend themselves to a cultural study of this kind.

I plan to reconcile contemporary culture with KS, where aspects of each can function as a kind of filter for the other. Additional considerations may include the scientific and/or paranormal/esoteric/shamanic. Fields of study to be drawn from (especially regarding related thinking idioms and/or preliminary coursework) may include sociology, anthropology, philosophy, art and music theory, archaeology, metaphysics, comparative literature & religions, urban & ethnic studies, parapsychology, and post-humanities.

A preliminary thesis may be that Keylontic encryptions in art and music, along with more axiomatic applications of Keylontic principles in the creative arts and in communities can effect positive/transformational paradigm shifts in contemporary society. The research and dissertation will be specifically structured to analyze and/or uncover cultural elements that exhibit the presence or lack of Keylontic principles in the plastic arts and music, and in relation to wider aspects of culture in the form of various disciplines mentioned above. The dynamics associated with this presence or lack of presence can provide a fertile ground for cultural analysis.

Having recently been selected to work with art and music teams as part of an emerging global community based on conscious living and principles of Keylontic science, I will also be co-creating visual and musical works which demonstrate activations of Keylontic principles. This community is concerned with disseminating the knowledge found in KS in non-exclusive ways, thus it will provide a useful forum which can inform my PhD work.