Course Substitutions

[I am re-sending this to include Dr. Steele and Dr. Ortega, since I forgot to use ‘reply all’ the first time.]

Hi Dr. —-, and thank you for your response ~
There was a letter included with my original submission for the course substitutions. I believe this letter was included when I re-submitted all of my original documents to you, and also included when I re-submitted the documents to Dr. ——. My submission included/includes also the syllabi and class outlines/descriptions of the three classes taken as the Art History component of MFA studies.
I am attaching a copy of the letter as a separate PDF document, titled “proposal,” to this email. Feel free to let me know if there is anything else you may need for me to do; thanks again for your prompt response.

Once you hand in a letter regarding your course substitutions, as was asked of you more than a month ago, I can get them taken care of. (Note that similar requests for course substitutions for —- —— and ——- —– have been put through this semester.) No need to involve Dr —— at this point. If you handed in a request previously to Dr ——, resend it again to me at your earliest convenience.
I kindly suggest that you focus your attention on what really is at issue – locking down your dissertation topic and committee.
Thank you.

Dr —-

PhD Art Coordinator

Hi Dr. —— –
I am of the understanding that at this point the course substitutions I submitted over a year ago can be applied to my coursework credit hours as a part of the next steps forward in my FADP process. I am writing to you for verification of this, but also in the hope that these course substitutions be expedited/processed in the short term.
I have been asking the various PhD coordinators, faculty members, and chairpersons for help in resolving/completing the substitutions for well over a year now, since I first submitted them to Dr. —— during Spring of 2012. This is so that I can proceed with planning the last part of my coursework, especially with regard to what I will be doing this Fall. I believe that Dr. Ortega has also asked Dr. —- for help in this matter, so I am including them in this email; I thank you all in advance for help in knowing the status of my course substitution requests.

Best regards,

Greg Delapaix

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