Annual Review

Subject: RE: Annual & Second Semester PhD Reviews

Dear PhD students,

On Friday, May 3rd, 1-5pm, in the SOA Conference Room, we will have our annual & second semester reviews of students. The entire PhD faculty will meet individually with you, to inquire about your current status, as well as progress towards your dissertation. The review is conducted for all students in residence (see the paragraph from the PhD handbook below). Please be prepared to speak on what you have accomplished this semester, and how your courses this semester fit into your larger plan for your dissertation.

Annual Review [25 minutes each]

The following students require annual review: Alqabba, Black, Delapaix, Kattan, Monawar, Wheeler, SP White (?)

“Each spring, prior to the beginning of registration for the following semester, the Ph.D. committee-of-the-whole conducts an annual review for all students in residence. Its purpose is to review student’s progress in program and/or to discuss ideas for dissertation direction.” Ph.D. Handbook, p.25.

Here is the tentative schedule:
1-1:30 Alqabba
1:30-2 Black
2-2:30 Delapaix
2:30-3 Kattan
3-3:30 Monawar
3:30-45 Wheeler
3:45-4 White

Second Semester Review [25 mins each]

The following students require second semester assessments: Derouin, Ortiz

Tentative Schedule:
4:00-4:30 Derouin
4:30-5:00 Ortiz

“The Second Semester Assessment is designed to help the Art faculty evaluate whether students will be successful in their doctoral studies, especially in the task of writing the dissertation. It is conducted in the middle of the student’s second semester, normally before pre-registration for the third semester. The Second Semester Assessment consists of an oral examination, fifty minutes in length, given by the doctoral faculty, or a designated committee, to each second-semester student. Broad questions will allow the assessment committee to evaluate the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and theoretical depth the student learned, retained, and synthesized in the first year. The following are examples of the kinds of questions that will be asked:

–List the theorists you have studied in your coursework thus far. Explain some essential components of each theory.
–List some major artists (Theater, Music, Art) you have studied. Describe the central concerns of their work. Are they important to you and your projects and if so, how?
–What critical or interpretive methods have you learned? Explain.
–How has your concept of your dissertation project evolved over the last two semesters?

With the help of an assessment rubric, the assessment committee evaluates each student’s performance as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. If the assessment is deemed satisfactory, the committee may elect to make recommendations to the doctoral faculty-of-the-whole regarding coursework that might be beneficial to the student’s development. If the examination is deemed unsatisfactory, the assessment committee may recommend to the doctoral faculty-of-the-whole that they require the student to complete additional coursework, leveling, or that additional advisement is necessary. They may also recommend to the faculty that the student be advised to withdraw from the program. In such a situation, the committee-of-the-whole would review all student grades and records, confer with the student, and make a final determination.” Ph.D. Handbook, pp.24-25.

If any of you are unable to attend this meeting (your time slot), be sure to let me know as soon as possible.

Dr ____

  1. That was quite a paper to wrap my brain around. I found the part about
    David Summers and his works/thoughts interesting. Thank goodness that there is more than one D.S. in America. Keep up the amazing work!

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