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The Elites

I’m somewhat unclear as to the nature of those commonly referred to as the ‘elites.’ John Lear and others state that there are people living on all of the planets, along with the moon, our spaceship companion. On one hand, elements of our government are considered to be ‘elitists’, maintained as separate groups by bloodlines. On the other hand if there are separately maintained secret and highly advanced space programs, illuminatist and masonic elements in the entertainment and business sectors, and other of these ‘elites’ in the scientific and religious communities, a significantly large group or groups of people on our planet must be ‘elites.’ The term ‘elite’ is somewhat divisive when used in the context of secrecy. There is an implied “we are superior to you” us/them mentality, along with the possibility that maybe it isn’t really desirable to join the “elitists,” because you would then be participating in that arrogance.