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The Nazca Plains and the Shamans

Listening to George Noory interviewing William Buhlman about out of body experiences is compelling in many ways, but I found that a certain portion of it was closely related to the extra terrestrial field of study. Mr. Buhlman is becoming known as the leading expert on inter-dimensional travel, and has spent some time with shamans in Western South America. Peruvian shamans explained to Mr.Buhlman that as part of an initiation training for shamans, the lines at Nazca were used in conjunction with psychedelic plants. This explanation was given to Buhlman by two older and well-respected shamans. All of the Nazca figures have small circles somewhere on them, and during initiation ceremonies after inductions of Ahuyuasca or other psychedelic plants, the initiates were required to rise up out of their bodies and into the sky, and identify the animal where their body was seated. Once they had done this, they were considered true shamans.