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I was involved in a conversation regarding faster than light travel a few days ago, and of course Einstein’s theories came up, along with the news from the Hadron collider. Again it was thought that faster than light movement of subatomic particles had occurred, and again it was stated that it wasn’t true after all because of faulty measurements. All of this from news media, which is dubious at best. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that faster than light travel is not possible. Maybe so and maybe not, but if in fact extraterrestrials have come here from numerous locations, certainly they have travelled faster than light. Have they found a way to travel by injecting themselves into less physical dimensions of space time? There are an enormous variety of vehicles seen by abductees and other people. It doesn’t seem likely that with all of the hundreds or thousands of vehicular shapes and configurations seen by people that they all come from different places. Perhaps the huge variety of vehicle types is a way of obfuscating their true nature- they all look different to confuse us. Another possibility is that in a culture that is sufficiently advanced and creative, or at least creative in some way, various travelers might be able to design or choose the shape of the vehicle they travel in. This could be especially easy if they are working in a less physical vibratory level of the multiverse. Sometimes I think that maybe certain beings are able to shape shift the vehicles they travel in at will- likely through a type of technology which appropriates more subtle energies of the universe which we have not yet learned how to use, at least outside of our own mind/body/soul/spirit. Perhaps this technology only exists outside of some of the visitors. As humans, we are capable of astral projection. For them, perhaps a utilization of some kind of technology is required. This would mean that as beings we are more intrinsically powerful than they are, yet in some ways subject to their advanced technologies. It has been coming into view for me of late that there are indeed some entities which have found ways to exercise a large amount of control over humans of low spiritual integrity, or who have somehow impersonated humans. With the continued destruction of our planet, the question arises as to whether it is simply dumb human momentum at work or a more sinister force.