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Nasci Fidelitas

The title of this blog means “developing fidelity.” The words chosen are Latin in origin.

The purpose here is to discuss visual records of abduction experiences provided by abductees in the form of drawings and/or paintings.

This is for research purposes, and is designed as a discreet forum, that ultimately will inform a PhD dissertation on the subject. This dissertation will be focused on the visual aspects, cosmologic significance, and implications for contemporary society which the artworks may present vis-a-vis a variety of subjective human dimensions and experience.

The forum here is not designed to be exploitive or to sensationalize any of the information in any way.

Please inform me/us if you feel that you may have experiences and documentation of those experiences in the form of your own artwork, which may contribute meaningfully to a research project such as this; feel free as well to contribute to the discussion here via comments. As long as your comments are based on sincerity and a desire for knowledge rather than on more pedestrian agendas and arguments, they will be appreciated. It is not the purpose of this blog to publish artwork, though this may occur if certain members wish for their work to be seen online by others. The main impulse here is toward discussions which can be informative and valuable for those involved and for the overall research project, NOT to generate, solicitate, or syndicate other kinds of publicity or popularity.